KENNDO MANAGEMENT is a strategy advisory firm to support SMEs in preparing and implementing overseas business.

There are lots of potential for huge business growth in overseas operations, but also various risks at the same time. It is possible to reduce those risks by cautiously preparing and planning, and by utilizing governmental business/financial support, but is not possible to eliminate them completely. I have met so many business managers who keenly feel the necessity to expand overseas operations but cannot take the first step in doing so in fear of those risks.

On the other hand, business managers who have courageously taken the first steps are struck by seeing the social issues people are facing on the ground, and start thinking seriously about solving them through their own business. They, as a central character of movies, encounter with new people and go through various sensations and emotional experiences, and promote their business more proactively.

Moreover, we are impressed by their high level of consciousness for doing business overseas not only for growing their own profits but also for contributing to the well-being of people on the ground.

Each SME has its own background, story and vision that has leaded to overseas operations.

We are more than someone can dream of whenever we can get a glimpse of the story and vision. We would like to share visions and passions of those SMEs, think, struggle, laugh, and grow together. We also aim for long-term relationships with those companies. At the same time, our competence and mission are to realize the business advancement that is also beneficial and fruitful for the market, business partner and users in respective country.

We will focus our efforts and continue our challenge to realize the development of SMEs and the economic/social developments of the receiving countries at the same time, by always flexible but unbending axis in our organization.

President/Chief Consultant
Kotaro Takahashi