Kenndo Management began operations in 2015 with the goal of working with companies that aspire to expand overseas and realize their ideal overseas operations.

We believe that it is essential for business managers to take steps to capture the increasing overseas demand from a long-term perspective in order to continue their business, as the relaxation of overseas travel restrictions, which were recently suppressed by the Covid 19 Disaster, is expected to proceed rapidly on a global scale.

Overseas operations are conducted in markets with different business practices and preferences from those of one's home country, and therefore involve the same risks as launching a new business. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the business with persistence through repeated trial and error, after careful preparation and planning, depending on the objectives such as "sales channel expansion" and "local production. In addition, when developing a business, it is important not only to establish and grow the company's overseas business, but also to contribute to solving the economic and social issues faced by the country in which the company operates through its products and services, based on a relationship of trust with the local people, so that the company can be accepted by the local market and develop a long-lasting business.

We are willing to work together with business owners who have this kind of spirit, and to grow together with them in the field, suffering, laughing, and crying together. We believe that our strength and mission is to develop businesses that are meaningful to markets, business partners, and consumers in the countries in which our clients advance.

We will continue to boldly take on challenges in order to achieve our mission of " spurring innovative and sustainable development through business promotion around the world" by enhancing corporate value of our clients through overseas business promotion and contributing to the economic and social development and poverty alleviation of the countries in which we operate.

President/Chief Consultant
Kotaro Takahashi