In 2021, due to the effects of the Covid-19 crisis that continued from the previous year, many of our clients' overseas business expansion support surveys and pilot project implementation support involving overseas travel continued to be halted. In addition to this, Myanmar, one of the countries in which we operate, experienced a political upheaval led by the national army in February, and the direction of business development for clients who had been preparing to enter the country became uncertain, which is an alarming and tragic situation.
On the other hand, as global vaccination efforts are underway, some of the target countries, such as Indonesia, are resuming their economic activities more than Japan while controlling corona infections.
Under these circumstances, we have been promoting consulting services to support overseas expansion by utilizing JICA and other government-supported projects, as well as developing the following business models to adapt to the changing business environment:

1) Realization of co-creation and investment-oriented business support
We established “PT. KENNDO FISHERIES INDONESIA (KFI)”, a foreign-capital corporation in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is engaged in the procurement of raw materials, processing and production of fishery products, and domestic and international sales. By becoming a manufacturer ourselves and gaining experience and achievements in the business, we have been able to collaborate with clients and provide more substantial support. We have taken a step forward to contribute to the realization of the country's "Maritime Nation Concept" and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations.

2) Expansion of import and export support
We are developing a trading business that directly handles the overseas business of our clients. We support the export sales and local production of products to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines for such clients as food processing and machinery manufacturers and cosmetics manufacturers. In addition, the business of importing agricultural products, food ingredients, vegetables, etc. from Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. to Japan has continued from the previous year.

In 2022, based on these achievements, we will strive to strengthen existing businesses and promote new businesses, with a particular focus on the "Food and Health/Health Care" sectors, where our knowledge and experiences is being concentrated, and ensure a change in business format that can thrive to changes in the business environment. In addition, we will further strengthen our support for clients by developing our own businesses on the ground, starting with Indonesia, and continuing in other countries such as Vietnam.
We will continue to boldly take on challenges in order to achieve our mission of "spurring innovative and sustainable development through business promotion around the world " by enhancing the corporate value of our clients through overseas business promotion and contributing to the economic and social development/poverty reduction of the countries in which we operate.

President/Chief Consultant
Kotaro Takahashi